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The Era of Concerted Chaos

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〝 The Era of Concerted Chaos 〞

The world ,as we know it, has transformed entirely in recent years. With technological advances being made on a day-to-day basis, we are now more connected than ever before; we can accomplish more than ever before and find new horizons every day. Yet some fundamental questions remain – are we able to use all the tools and information at hand effectively? Is it enough to find new horizons – or are their more significant meanings attached with every possible step we advance to?
It can be gauged that the most useful skill to equip oneself with is the ability to make sense of a world drowning in information and untangling the chaos. Having established the same, one can ask – how do we make sense of this chaos?
Perhaps making sense of this chaos might not solve all our problems; maybe it is in the mess that the essential fragments of our lives lie. Perhaps the disorder does have an order after all, with only fresh lenses needed to understand what lies at stake.

Keeping this in mind, TEDxIIMRanchi brings its ninth edition to life with the theme “The Era of Concerted Chaos.” The event shall feature prominent speakers from around the country who will enable us to see things differently, understand our world better and provide a more enhanced vision of what lies ahead.


The Speakers

Dr. Jyoti K Parikh


Professor (Dr.) Jyoti K Parikh is the Executive Director of Integrated Research and Action for Development, New Delhi. Having served as a Member of the Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change, India, she was part of the IPCC authors team that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

Rajan Singh

Ex-IPS, Entrepreneur

Rajan Singh is the founder of HabitStrong, a startup that runs online habit-building boot camps. An IIT graduate and an MBA from Wharton, he has previously served in the Indian Police Service as Trivandrum Police Commissioner, a consultant with McKinsey, and an investment professional with a private equity fund.

Ajay Chopra

Celebrity Chef

Chefpreneur, Restauranteur, and Consultant Ajay Chopra has been a name to reckon within the Indian culinary universe for the past 3 decades. An acclaimed culinarian, Chef Chopra became a household name after featuring on some top-rated TV shows like 'MasterChef India', 'Hi Tea' and 'Northern Flavours' to name a few.

Tapesh Kumar &
Prachi Goswami

Pilot Couple

Tapesh Kumar became the youngest captain in the world at the age of 25. Prachi Goswami, a former national-level swimmer, has been in the aviation sector for over 8 years with more than 1500 hours of flying experience. They manage Vinod Yadav Aviation Academy to train upcoming pilots.

Aaquib Wani

Art Director

Aaquib Wani, Forbes 30 under 30 for Design ’21, is a self-taught experiential designer & art director with creative expertise in spaces, festivals, sets, interiors, interactive installations, weddings, visual, and graphic design. Despite having no formal training or education in design, he has gained immense success in his career.

Meenakashi Lekhi


Meenakashi Lekhi is an Indian politician, Lok Sabha MP from New Delhi constituency and the current Minister of State for External Affairs and Culture of India. She has practised indirect taxes and criminal law in several tribunals, the Delhi High Court, and the Supreme Court of India.

Deepika Bhardwaj


Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj is an Indian Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker & a Men's Rights Activist. She is known to make a strong case for the protection of men's rights – highlighting issues ranging from false accusations to domestic violence to sexual crimes perpetrated upon them.

Manya Singh

Fashion Model

Manya Singh is an Indian actor and Femina Miss India 2021 Runner up and was crowned as Miss India Uttar Pradesh in 2020. She has also won the Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Film for the Most Inspiring Woman of the Year, Global India National Stardom Award and Kashi Vaishvik Gaurav Sammaan. She was also the brand ambassador of Glow and Lovely.


Meet the Team


Ayush Kumar Das


Aditya Goel

Speaker & Curation

Parvati K Nair
Sonali Singh
Vatsala Choudhary


Anand Kumar
Even Tarash Tudu
Karthikeyan D
Yashna Gupta


Abhinav Kohli
Pallavi Singh
Shivam Kalra
Vijay Ratan


Aditya Gurbaxani
Aswin C
Darshan Patil
Gaiakwad Saurabh R


Rishabh Saxena


Sakshi Garg
Aditi Jain


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